Why Did Alara Leave the Orville?

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The question “why did Alara leave the Orville?” is a perennial favorite among fans of Seth MacFarlane’s animated TV series. She left the Orville to visit her planet, Xelaya, in order to reconcile with her father. Her father, who regarded Alara as intellectually disabled, disapproved of her joining the Orville. In addition, … Read more

What is Special About Avatar?

If you are wondering what makes an Avatar special, there are a few different ways you can explore it. It’s an innovative piece of 3-D technology created by master film stylist James Cameron. It grew into a worldwide phenomenon that earned it up to two to three times its US market earnings. … Read more

Why Was the Belt Arrested?

You may be asking: “Why was the belt arrested?” – after all, the belt was only holding a pair of pants. But the term holds multiple meanings. It can refer to something held in the air, like a magic wand or piece of paper on a wall. It can also refer to … Read more

Why is Celine So Thin?

The question of “why is Celine so thin?” is a frequent one among fans. Many have wondered if she is battling with an eating disorder or body image issues, but Celine has denied these accusations. During a recent interview on Good Morning America, the singer told the show that she is “a … Read more

Demi Burnett’s Mother is in Federal Prison

While many people are surprised to learn that Demi’s mother is in prison, the situation is more common than most would assume. Statistics show that one out of every 14 American children has a parent in prison. Though her story has not dominated the show, it is important to know that Demi … Read more

Why Did Jack Leave When Calls the Heart?

Fans of the Hallmark Channel drama “When Calls the Heart” have probably been wondering why Jack Thornton left the show at the end of season 5. The actor played the character since the show started in 2014. However, the actor’s departure came after the season five finale, when Thornton died in a … Read more

Vanessa Snowden Has Left the Snowdens

The scandal that erupted over the Snowdens’ split has a new twist: Vanessa has left the family. Shortly after her wedding, Dimitri Snowden found a new wife. Vanessa moved to Australia to take care of the children while Ashley and Dimitri worked on the family’s IT company. Although the couple were not … Read more

Why Are There So Many Songs About Rainbows and Frogs?

Why are there so many songs about rainbows and frogs? Kermit’s enchanting adventures in the Muppet Show’s movies are the stuff of fables and songbooks, but how did this little frog get started? The song, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” was penned by Grammy-winning songwriter Paul Williams, who wrote the lyrics for the … Read more

Bruce Kelly Interview – Is His Brother R Kelly Incarcerated?

Bruce Kelly was interviewed in the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries from inside the Cook County Jail in Chicago. Kelly, who is currently serving his time, attempted to justify his brother’s preference for younger women. This seemed to help the producers of the docuseries. But does his interview make sense? Should we trust … Read more

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