Why are diamonds so expensive?

However just why are rubies so pricey?

How many times have you walked into a precious jewelry store as well as wheezed when you saw that a small, charming ruby ring was more costly than what you could make in a month? Sure, diamonds behave, but why on the planet would such a small rock be so expensive? They aren’t even so uncommon, to start with, so what should validate their price?

Well, there are a few factors for that. To start with, without a doubt, the rubies themselves aren’t that uncommon but whats unusual is locating an excellent ruby item that can in fact be used in precious jewelry. Most of the diamonds that we get from the earth don’t even have a passable quality or size, so they just wind up being repurposed for non-jewelry-related things.

It is extremely challenging to locate a diamond that has an appropriate color, carat weight (size), and clearness. And also, think about the initiatives included with finding those diamonds. Sure, you can make synthetic diamonds in the laboratory yet their high quality commonly will not suit the one we find in mines.


So, including the unbearable hours that miners spend excavating for diamonds to the moment that it takes to change that diamond into a glossy fashion jewelry piece, you obtain a very expensive stone. And also, to reduce a ruby right into the perfect shape, you need high-end tools and also the stable hands of a professional. One wrong action and also a tiny diamond might be made pointless.

In the end, its not the diamond itself that is so pricey; its the procedure to obtain that ideal diamond. It took years, billions perhaps, for the rubies to be created. As well as it takes days to be brought right into the shape that we are familiarized with. Thinking about the extensive procedure that enters into turning them right into precious jewelry, it is understandable why they have such a significant price.