Why are my ears hot?

Why are my ears hot?

But just why are my ears hot?

This is no laughing matter, so don’t even think about laughing, you hear!? Sometimes your ears run hot. Nothing wrong with that. The blood boils up to the top of your head and your ears cop the brunt of it, damn near catching on fire. And those glistening pink flappers, burning on the sides of your head, is a sight to behold. 

So here’s the question of the century: But just why are my ears hot? There’s a few potential reasons for your hotblooded ears. We’ll cover them in order of likelihood. 


Obviously, if you spend too long out in the sun your skin can burn, and ears are often overlooked in a sunscreen treatment (if you lathered up at all). If you’ve spent a lot of time outdoors lately, then there’s a good chance the condition is a symptom of your burn. Aloe vera can fix that!

Sharp shift in temperature

A sharp shift in the temperature of the environment you find yourself in can surprisingly have a dramatic affect on your bodily function, and if you move from a hot to a cold environment, or vice versa, (liking going indoors from outdoors or outdoors from indoors), your extremities can cop the brunt of the change. 


Hormones don’t just make fourteen year old boys do dumb things; changes in your hormones can make your body do crazy things. 

Ear infections 

It’s rarer for adults to get ear infections, but there’s still a chance that your red ears might be a result of a middle ear infection. 

Red ear syndrome

It’s actually very unlikely that your hot ears are attributable to red ear syndrome because it’s an extremely rare condition that affects very few people. However, if your condition persists and you genuinely think it’s a long-term disorder, see your doctor for some medication to cure the ailment.

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