Why did Bitty Schram leave Monk_

Why did Bitty Schram leave Monk?

Bitty Schram is, of course, a central character in the immensely popular police procedural series that ran from 2002 to 2009, Monk. The series revolves around private detective/consultant, Adrian Monk. Monk, an ex-San Francisco police detective, was discharged from the force after he suffered from an adverse psychological reaction following the death of his wife, Trudy. Trudy, a journalist, was killed by a car bomb that exploded in a parking garage. A recurring theme of the long running show was Monk spending his spare time trying to identify Trudy’s killers. For the 3.5 years after Trudy’s death, Monk adopted an extremely reclusive lifestyle limited by his severe obsessive-compulsive disorder.

However, Monk pulls himself from this desperate situation with the intervention and assistance of his nurse, Sharona Fleming, played by Bitty Schram. He develops his private detective business and is often called upon by the San Francisco homicide unit to assist with investigations. Sharona adopts a duel nurse/assistant role as she accompanies Monk on all of his investigations and assists him to manage his OCD and numerous phobias that inevitably complicate investigation.

Despite how much Monk depends on her, in the middle of season 3, Schram’s character is written out of the show. Her exit is orchestrated by Fleming deciding to reunite with her ex-husband and move back to New Jersey.  

But just why did Bitty Schram leave Monk?

The same old story: Schram departed following a contract dispute.

However, relations couldn’t have turned that icy following the breakdown of contract negotiations because Schram’s character returned for a special guest appearance in season 8 in the episode, ‘Mr Monk and Sharona’.

Schram was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance while Monk collected 8 Emmy Awards, 1 Golden Globe Award and 2 Screen Actors Guild Awards.    

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