Why did Jesus die on the cross?

But just Why did Jesus die on the cross?

The crucifixion of Jesus has been passed down through the Gospel for as long as Christianity existed. Every story of resurrection starts with Jesus dying on the cross. But why did he really die on that cross? Sure, some of you might say blood loss and other humane causes – but there are actually multiple reasons for that.

The first and main reason can be found in 1 Peter 3:18: Jesus died for the sins of humanity so that we could get closer to God. Before Jesus died on the cross, we were very far from divinity and salvation. That being said, the blood of Christ managed to bring us so much closer to it.

The Bible does not beat around the bush when it comes to the disobedience of humans, and even Jesus described his disciples as being evil and sinners. In Romans 6:23, Paul says that “the price for sin can only be death.” Humanity was condemned in the face of God, and our sins separated us from him.

The death of Jesus was necessary. Even as Jesus was born, he was prophesied as being the Lamb of God that saved humanity. The righteous had to die for the unrighteous so that humanity could be given redemption. And in the Bible, it was stated that redemption could not be bought with gold or other corruptible things. The price has to be paid in blood – and not any kind of blood, but the blood of the unblemished Lamb of God.

Jesus died on the cross so that we could be given freedom from our sins. We would no longer be slaves to these sins, as we received His inheritance. As Jesus died and came back to life, we were shown the nature of God. We were also proven that if we believe, we will receive redemption.

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