Why did Max leave Catfish?

Fans of Catfish remained in for a fair bit of an unpleasant shock in 2018, when Nev Schulmans co-host, Joseph Max, determined to stop the show, after getting on it for a total amount of seven seasons. The good news is for them, the show took place but it still seemed like something was missing.

His leaving wasnt very unexpected, as Schulman maintained revolving co-hosts throughout season 7. Max likewise stated his separation, but we still maintained seeing him. That being said, when Kamie Crawford was officially called the new co-host of Catfish, it made individuals question: what worldwide occurred to Max, and why did he determine to leave?

In the summer season of 2018, Max chose that it was time to leave Catfish and also because of this, he made an main statement on that issue. As a result of the reality that he was caught up with not one, but two careers one as a television host and also one as a filmmaker he decided that he had to place his attention in just one location.

At that time, Max was putting his filmmaker abilities into numerous short films however the one job that ate up most of his time was the feature-length film We Are Your Friends starring Emily Ratajkowski as well as Zac Efron. Given, the motion picture wasnt as much of a success as they may have hoped, however ultimately, it made Max think that he intended to improve in his filmmaking.

Currently, his filmmaking is still on hold, as he is additionally hectic assisting his spouse with her accessory business, MAXCILA all while being a singing protestor for climate change. He did, nonetheless, announce that he was returning to filmmaking in collaboration with HBO Max. In the long run, he did not leave Catfish since he was finished with television programs, but since he was hectic as well as preferred to do his work off the display.