Why do beavers build dams?

Why do beavers build dams?

But just why do beavers build dams?

Now, this is a question you probably asked yourself several times, but never got an answer to: why do beavers build dams? You’d have understood if they built themselves a nest or a home they could sleep in – but why would they need to restrict the flow of water? You don’t see the beavers sleeping there, so what would they need a dam for?

Well, the beaver may not sleep directly in the dam – but they do use the dam to create their sleeping quarters. By slowing down the flow of water, they create a pond – and in that pond, they create a ledge. So think of the dam as your regular house fence that creates a comfy, private space around your house.

Beavers are considered to be the “engineers of the ecosystem.” They know exactly where to place the logs and branches to narrow down the water stream – directing it exactly where it needs to go. This way, they won’t experience any sudden bursts of water that may damage their lodge. This is particularly helpful for them during the rainy season when the waters become unstable.

The purpose of that dam is also to protect them from other animals such as otters, wild animals, or even bears. Once more, it’s just like we create fences to protect ourselves from foxes and other predators that endanger our house. Rivers and lakes often freeze during wintertime, which is why the lodge becomes a haven from predators.

Beavers also use their dams to store food, so you can also say it’s their personal natural fridge. Alongside the dam, they also create underwater entrance ways and canals that keep them hidden from predators – therefore, adding to their protection even more. The dam is just a part of their equation – a vital matter that keeps their home safe.

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