Why Do People Hate Captain Marvel?

Why do people hate Captain Marvel? Well, I can only guess. It could be her over-confident and emotionless acting. Or maybe it’s the fact that Brie Larson is the first big female lead in the MCU after Wonder Woman. Either way, she’s under tremendous pressure to deliver and it shows. As she continues to make more appearances in the MCU, that image will change. Let’s look at the reasons why some people hate Captain Marvel.

There are a lot of reasons why fans dislike Captain Marvel. The movie started off with the character being introduced as Earth’s mightiest hero, without much character development. And, it’s true that Marvel continues to release Captain Marvel comics, but it would be more effective to let her character develop naturally. The MCU has a large amount of legacy characters, which are superheroes who inherited their titles from earlier versions. The reason they were introduced is because they’re supposed to increase diversity among Marvel’s characters.

The reason many people hate Captain Marvel is because the movie doesn’t feel like a proper origin story. It starts off with emotion, and ends with the same attitude. We see the character trying to become a woman in a male-dominated field, but she never does anything to gain respect. And we don’t even see what she’s doing back home. Instead, she’s acting like a lost piece of herself in the end.

While men are generally in favor of female leads, it’s clear that some have had enough of this identity politics. After all, Captain Marvel is the first movie with a female lead after ten years of films featuring men. In fact, this was the same reaction to Wonder Woman, the first movie that starred a woman in the title role. Even the Black Panther movie saw the same review bombing campaign. What makes Captain Marvel so controversial?

Many critics believe that it’s too dreary for audiences. While Brie Larson was an Oscar winner for her role in ‘Room,’ she’s no good as Captain Marvel. Other actresses would have made it much more enjoyable. Regardless of the reason, it’s difficult to say why people dislike Captain Marvel. The film’s trailer was a bland one and left some fans feeling cheated.

Some critics say that Marvel pushed Carol Danvers too hard and for the wrong reasons. The costume change and Kelly Sue DeConnic’s writing gave her a small following. But Marvel realised that the best female characters in the Marvel Universe were Spider-Man, X-Men, and Fantastic Four. It was a mistake. The resulting negative reviews were fueled by the lack of character development. The movie made Carol Danvers seem like a Mary Sue character, which hardly sucked.

Brie Larson has had some awkward interviews in the past. She’s a political activist, and often talks about her views in interviews. Her dislike for Carol Danvers stems from the political stance of the comic book’s creator, Brian Michael Bendis. As a result, many fans feel that her political views are the real reason they hate Captain Marvel. That’s an entirely different topic altogether, but that’s a separate debate.