Why do we have fingernails?

Why do we have fingernails?

Now here is a question that we all wanted to ask ourselves at some point, but never actually work out. After all, why would we ask about something we are born with? Well, if that were the case, we shouldn’t ask about any of our other organs as well, right?

We have a heart so that it can pump blood through our body and keep us alive. We have skin so that we can protect our organs and muscles from damage. So, why do we have fingernails? Obviously, it’s not because we want to create cool manicures; after all, the first men and women never knew what nail polish was.

Well, there are various reasons why we have fingernails. First things first, the purpose is for strengthening. Since our tips of the fingernails have a harder outer cover, this makes our nails the strongest part of our hand. This gives us a better ability to grip something tightly. Plus, due to the hardness of the nails, we can easily rip onto smaller objects that we normally couldn’t with the tip of our fingers.

Thanks to our nails, the skin at our fingertips does not roll back whenever we try to hold onto something. We can pick food or small objects easily, and our fingernails will keep the skin from moving all over. Without nails that keep everything in its rightful place, we would be dropping everything from our hands due to the continuous wiggling skin.

So, as you can see, nails aren’t completely useless. Sure, they aren’t claws, but if they are long enough, they can still inflict some serious scratches. Most importantly, aside from looking pretty, they help us pick things. Thus, nails are important, which is why we should take care of them as much as we can. 

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