Why do Woodpeckers peck?

But just Why do Woodpeckers peck?

We’re familiar with the way in which woodpeckers repeatedly peck on wood, whether it’s a tree or a house. If you’ve never seen a woodpecker before, at least you should know the Woody the Woodpecker cartoon. He would always peck away at random spots, for no apparent reason sometimes.

However, despite what we might think, there are various reasons for that. First things first, and the most logical reason: woodpeckers peck because they are looking for food. Wood is very often the home of larvae, beetles, and many other foods that woodpeckers see as a delicacy. So when they peck away, they do it so that they can reach their food.

The second reason why woodpeckers peck is because they are drumming. In plain terms, they are trying to either attract a mate or scare away males. They need to send a message that this territory has been claimed, so they peck away. This action can be done on every surface, whether it’s wood or metal. Most of the time, this type of pecking is not harmful, but it can be unnerving for those who hear it.

One final reason why woodpeckers peck is because they are nesting. Like every bird, the woodpecker needs a nest – but unlike birds that make their nest on branches, woodpeckers make them in the hole of a tree. If they are determined enough, they can even make a hole in your house, provided you have the right kind of wood.

Obviously, this kind of pecking is meant to do some damage to the surface, at least until the hole is complete. Usually, they will pick a point of the tree where they could easily peck the hole without damaging the tree. They do peck a lot, but it’s minor enough so that they do not damage their home.

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