Why does Bane wear a mask?

Why does Bane wear a mask?

But just why does Bane wear a mask?

Now one of DC Comics’ most recognisable villains, Bane, first appeared in 1993’s Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1. A metahuman known for his brilliance as a tactician, superior hand-to-hand combat skills and superhuman strength, Bane is often cast as one of Batman’s most serious adversaries.

Bane’s backstory holds the key to why he wears the mask. And, like all superhero villains, it’s a dark backstory at that. 

Bane spent his adolescence and early adult life in prison serving out his father’s life sentence for political crimes. Overcoming serious adversity (he committed his first murder at the age of 8), he rose to become ‘king’ of Pena Duro prison and while on the ‘throne’ became known as Bane. 

Despite his early prowess as a tough guy, Bane was not immune from harsh treatment by prison guards and they forced him to become a test subject for trials of a drug known as Venom. Intensely dangerous, having killed many other test subjects, Venom gave Bane increased physical strength (exactly what you want to give a guy who already has a penchant for violence), and Bane developed a serious addiction to it. 

While the drug made Bane superhuman, it did have its downsides, one of which being that for the substance to remain effective, it must be taken via tubes connected directly to the brain every 12 hours.  

So, the mask is a contraption worn by Bane to ensure that Venom is available to him on tap, whenever he craves a boost in performance. The mask facilitates Venom being pumped through his veins at all times. While onerous (and a little ugly), the mask enables him to take serious hits and withstand unimaginable amounts of pain. 

Plus, it completes his menacing and domineering appearance while muffling his voice to incite intense levels of fear in all who cross him.  

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