Why Does Monistat Increased Itching?

If you’re concerned that your medication for vaginal itching may cause a skin rash, you should know that some women are allergic to the active ingredient in Monistat, miconazole. The symptoms of an allergic reaction include rash, itching, trouble breathing, and severe dizziness. MONISTAT should be stopped as soon as you experience these symptoms, and you should consult your doctor if they are persistent or persist.

You can purchase Monistat in two forms: as a vaginal cream or tablet. Both products contain prefilled applicators for each dose. The applicator should be inserted into the vagina by gently pushing down the plunger. Afterward, you should remove the applicator to avoid any lingering symptoms. It may take several doses to treat your vaginal yeast infection, so it’s important to follow the instructions carefully.

When using Monistat, some women have reported burning and itching sensations. However, while the burn is a common side effect, it should not occur to everyone. However, if you experience any burning or itching while using Monistat, you should stop using the medicine and consult a doctor. Yeast infections can be caused by tight clothes, exposure to certain bacteria, and even sexual intercourse.

To get started with Monistat, you should carefully read the product’s directions. You can choose between a 2% or 4% cream, or an ointment or suppository. You should apply the cream or ointment before bedtime. The recommended dosage for Monistat is one to seven days, depending on the severity of your condition. In the meantime, you should monitor the itchiness with Monistat.

If you’re unsure whether Monistat is right for you, try out the first-dose pack of the cream for a week. It contains miconazole nitrate and contains disposable applicators for vaginal application. If you want a quick cure for your infection, Monistat is worth a try. You’ll be glad you did! The product works, and Monistat can make your symptoms go away in just a few days.

While Monistat is available over-the-counter, it may not be the cheapest treatment for a yeast infection. There are cheaper OTC products that contain the same active ingredients. These OTC medications usually cost less than $30. If you’re not satisfied with Monistat’s effectiveness, you can try Fluconazole or another generic. You may need to talk to your doctor if the symptoms persist.