How to Opt in to the Steam Beta Update

In this guide, you’ll learn how to opt in to the Steam beta update, a new feature which goes into public beta on September 17th. The new library is designed to showcase the most popular games and is part of the beta participation header. Once you’ve opted in to the beta, you’ll need to restart your Steam client to see the changes. This update should include many other changes, too. Read on for more details!

Another notable change to the beta is the addition of a new DLC feature. The DLC section in the Steam library now features a DLC box. When a user clicks on this box, it’ll show them whether they own or have installed the respective DLC. This is great news for gamers looking to expand their library without purchasing new content. While some of these updates may seem small, the updated Steam beta is definitely worth trying!

Another change that’s worth noting is the UI improvements in the Steam client. You can opt in to the Steam beta update by opening your Steam settings and going to the “Beta Participation” section. You’ll then be prompted to select “Steam Beta Update.” Once you’ve opted in, be sure to restart your Steam client afterward. As always, the Steam Beta Update may include some bugs, so be sure to read through the rules carefully.

Steam’s Downloads page has also undergone a significant redesign. Users will now see a more focused design and stronger CTAs. The header art shows what game is being updated, and a more accessible colour palette is now used. This update is expected to be very helpful in the upcoming Steam Deck launch later this month. It’s an exciting update for the gaming community. Make sure to switch over to the beta client if you want to receive the most out of it!

Another change to the Steam client is the new “Space required” string. This feature shows how much space a game will need on your hard drive. The “Last Played” string will be replaced with a “Space Required” string. This update is only applicable to games that use Steam Events. You can also download patches for older games using Steam’s beta client. Despite the changes in the client, there are still several new improvements to the Steam client.

The new client will also make it easier to download games to play remotely. You’ll need a computer running Steam to download these games. The new client will also help you access your game library online and set the download order. Additionally, the new client reduces system memory usage and adds debugging code to diagnose problems. The new update will be available in the beta version of the game on February 8th. If you’re interested in trying the new beta, make sure to sign up for the program.