Bruce Kelly Interview – Is His Brother R Kelly Incarcerated?

Bruce Kelly was interviewed in the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries from inside the Cook County Jail in Chicago. Kelly, who is currently serving his time, attempted to justify his brother’s preference for younger women. This seemed to help the producers of the docuseries. But does his interview make sense? Should we trust Bruce Kelly? Let’s find out! We will discuss this and other questions on the show.

Bruce Kelly has served time for burglary and drug possession. He is serving a two to four-year sentence in the Cook County jail for the crime. He first became eligible for parole in December 2017 but was denied. Currently, the Illinois Department of Corrections expects him to be released sometime in December 2019.

Kelly has a $5 million tax debt that goes back seven years. He lost his Chicago home to foreclosure in 2013, and failed to make payments on his mortgage since 2010. He was also evicted from two Atlanta properties after failing to pay over $30,000 in rent and fees. Kelly had a leased condo in Chicago’s Trump Tower. While his brother is incarcerated, the music star continues to garner millions of fans on streaming services such as Spotify.

Earlier this month, prosecutors announced that their case against R. Kelly is a case of racketeering. Federal prosecutors have praised the courage of the women who came forward to testify against him. During the trial, the federal prosecutor, Ryan Chabot, thanked the witnesses who testified against R. Kelly, as well as the victims. While it is unclear what the future holds for the R. Kelly brother, the public’s hope that R. Kelly will be jailed and free soon is still up in the air.

Surviving R. Kelly is an American documentary that investigates the allegations of abuse against the R. Kelly family and his brothers. Bruce Kelly and Casey Kelly appear in the documentary and give interviews from prison. Bruce Kelly gave an interview from jail. He was incarcerated for burglary, probation violation, and drug possession. The documentary is a must-see for fans of R. Kelly. You cannot miss it.