Demi Burnett’s Mother is in Federal Prison

While many people are surprised to learn that Demi’s mother is in prison, the situation is more common than most would assume. Statistics show that one out of every 14 American children has a parent in prison. Though her story has not dominated the show, it is important to know that Demi was recently opened up to Colton Underwood. She gushed about how much she wanted to be with him, despite her mother’s past.

When Demi was around 21 or 22, her mother was sentenced to an 18-month federal prison sentence for committing bank fraud. Upon release, she would spend the rest of her life adjusting to the outside world. But her latest charges were for conspiracy to commit bank fraud, and she had already served time for embezzlement in 2007. As for her previous convictions, she had already served prison time for robbery, forgery, and bank fraud.

Embezzlement sentences vary depending on the amount of money that is embezzled and the severity of the offense. Under the federal guidelines, embezzlement under $950 is a misdemeanor, and will land her in jail for six months or less. Demi’s mother, Tina Jean Jordan, served time in 2007 for embezzlement, but she is now in prison for a bank fraud conspiracy.

The actress Demi Burnett opened up about her complicated childhood and unstable relationship with her mother during an interview on Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous podcast with Ben Higgins. She revealed that her relationship with her mother was always rocky. Demi also revealed that her mother was in and out of prison since she was a kid. Tina Jean Jordan was also convicted of embezzlement and grand theft. During the interview, Demi reminisced about her troubled childhood and how her mother made it so difficult for her.

Demi’s mom is in federal prison and could potentially meet Colton during the hometown date this season. She had not talked to her mom since she got out of prison. However, she was granted special permission to call her mom and introduce her to Colton. And this is something that is sure to make the two of them closer than ever. Hopefully, Demi and Colton will spend the season together. If Demi is indeed the next Bachelor, her mother will get to see her daughter sooner rather than later!

After a night in the shackles of federal prison, Demi promised to make Colton a confetti cake personality. And despite her silence about her mother, she pulled Colton aside for some one-on-one time. But this didn’t stop her from talking about her mom, the birth experience, and more. And Demi’s new love interest is not shy about sharing this information. And the confetti cake personality she promised Colton won’t stop talking about it.