Why is millennial humor so weird?

I presume if youre asking this inquiry, youre not a millennial. And while Im presuming, Ill take it a step better as well as presume youre not in the younger, post-millennial generation. I take it, consequently, that youre at least 40 years of age which youre asking this due to the fact that you have a youngster that fits the costs of millennial, and also you wish to identify why theyre so freaking unusual.

Millennial wit is generally perceived to be a bit dark. A little bit grimly ironical. A little moodily ironic. A little bit of a departure from the wholesome comedy of days gone by, where suited standup comics told jokes about airline food to groups of similarly wholesome people who simply desired a two-hour break from their vanilla, workaday lives.

I directly don’t believe millennial humor is deliberately all those points dark, sarcastic, ironic, un-wholesome yet that indication is a result of the millennial generation scaling up what was really begun in the 60s with the counterculture activity.

When it involves art and funny, the counterculture rise in the 60s with specialists like Bob Dylan and also Andy Warhol was the very first real possibility (in an or else wartorn 20th century) for a generation of youngsters to require that the art they take in push the limits of typical.

The infant boomers, off the rear of two preceding generations whose time to explore counterculture was a little curtailed with two world wars, was the initial to actually demand more fact and also much less ideality in their art. By the time the 1980s rolled about, after twenty solid years of social change, and also with the development of MTV and also the commercialization of art that was raw, actual, and the reverse of shiny, the railway tracks for unusual millennial wit had been laid.

In my sight, the answer to the inquiry why is millennial humor so strange? stems merely from the generations desire to push the boundaries of the art they both take in and also create. Undoubtedly this pushing of the borders can misshape the art, consisting of comedy, right into weird and also remarkable directions.

Which is why if youre 40 year or older youll most likely never get a joke informed by a millennial.