Why is traffic stopped on i 95?

Why is traffic stopped on i 95?

But just why is traffic stopped on i 95?

I 95, short for ‘Interstate 95’, is the interstate highway running all the way down the east coast of the United States of America. It starts in Miami, Florida and runs all the way up to the Houlton-Woodstock Border Crossing in New Brunswick, Canada. That means, it mainlines traffic to Miami, Jacksonville, Savannah, Fayetteville, Richmond, Washington, Baltimore, Wilmington, Philadelphia, Newark, New York City, New Haven, Providence, Boston and Portland. It snakes 1,908.48 miles (3,071.40 km) through 15 states as well as the District of Columbia. It was first named in 1956, originally linking existing main thoroughfares and state carriageways. Works were only completed on i-95 in September 2018.

Driving is a relatively dangerous mode of travel (compared to, for example, air travel). Interstate 95 is the USA’s most travelled roadway. As such, it can be dangerous. Traffic accidents are very common and they cause delays. Due to i-95 being a heavily frequented roadway, surges in the number of people travelling naturally slow down the flow and also lead to significant delays. Demonstrators in some states have also taken to protesting on i-95, knowing that the inevitable delays caused by their actions will garner attention to their cause.

Perhaps one of the worst traffic jams on I-95 occurred in 2001 when a truck flipped over on the I-95 interchange between I-95 and the DC Beltway. The truck was transporting high dangerous explosive black powder. Delays were epic while the clean-up job was performed. It has been reported that 3 different women gave birth while stuck in this traffic jam.

If you’re currently stuck on I-95, check out www.i95exitguide.com and tetcoalition.org for live updates.

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