Why isn't Tool on Spotify?

Why isn’t Tool on Spotify?

Spotify is a music streaming program that we all got used to nowadays, mostly due to the fact that it has all kinds of music imaginable. It’s a better alternative to YouTube when it comes to quality, and it also beats having to pay for every music album personally. As a rock music enthusiast, you are quite content with the fact that most of your favorite songs can be found there as well, uploaded by the artists.

However, the keyword here is “most.” Several popular bands are missing from Spotify, among which the American rock band Tool. So, why is Tool so late in uploading their albums on Spotify? Well, there are some theories for that, but in the end, it boils down to this: the artist doesn’t want it.

While many artists have indeed made their music available on Spotify, there are also those that do not agree with digital streaming. Why? Because many of them complain that the fares are not fair to the artists, and the gains are much smaller as compared to when they’d sell a physical album or a vinyl. Tool was also one of the bands that did not agree with the way streaming services worked.

Some say that Tool was not on Spotify because they were still under a contract – and that contract did not have the concept of streaming in mind. Several disputes began after that, which held off the moment when Tool would finally put their music on Spotify. Due to the fact that they were also absent from YouTube for quite a while, this explanation also made sense.

Now, however, after a long time of waiting, the band appeared on Spotify. Granted, a sarcastic statement from the frontman Maynard James Keenan may suggest that they are not completely happy with it, but in the end, they gave in to the wishes of their fans.

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