Why Are Cuban Cigars Illegal?

Are Cuban cigars illegal? The answer is a resounding “no,” but there are a few loopholes you can use to get around the ban. In the United States, you can bring back as much as 50 cigars from Cuba without paying any import taxes. In order to avoid penalties, though, you must ensure you purchase the cigars from an official source. You can try claiming that you purchased them as a gift from a friend who recently traveled to Cuba.

The ban on Cuban cigars originated in 1962. This trade embargo was designed to undermine the communist government of Fidel Castro in Cuba. At the time, this embargo had some fairly strict implications. If you were caught smuggling Cuban cigars, you could be fined up to $55,000 – or even worse! You could even be arrested! But if you’ve never tried to smuggle Cuban cigars before, you’ll be glad to know that the ban was made with the intent of preventing the importation of Cuban cigars.

If you’re wondering why Cuban cigars are illegal, the answer is very simple: the Communist government in Cuba has a terrible record for human rights abuses. The regime has also stolen thousands of businesses from their owners, which means you can’t just buy any Cuban cigars you want. If you’re in doubt about this, read Charlie Torano’s piece on the subject. If you’re still not sure, check out the official Cuban Embassy’s website for more information.

 Cuban Cigars IllegalRegardless of their origin, Cuban cigars are illegal in the United States because of the embargo. That means that purchasing Cuban cigars is against the law in the US, and that if you do, you could be facing serious consequences. However, true Cohibas are different than clones, so you’ll need to know which one you’re buying. And remember: the real Cohibas are the real deal!

While the Cuban cigars are widely recognized as the best in the world, American cigar connoisseurs have to do so illegally. It’s hard to find them in the United States, and many younger cigar enthusiasts are perplexed over this issue. Why are Cuban cigars illegal in the United States? The answer lies in the logic behind the trade embargo that began in 1962 and went into effect in the early 1960s. This policy aimed to weaken the communist regime led by Fidel Castro. However, Cuba still remains a totalitarian communist country.

President Obama has recently re-established diplomatic ties with Cuba, and he has pledged to ease the embargo on the country. Until then, Americans should only buy Cuban cigars when traveling to Cuba and should not try to find loopholes to import them back home. In fact, importing Cuban cigars could lead to hefty fines and prison time. However, there are some ways to buy Cuban cigars illegally, and these include purchasing parallel brands domestically.

One of the main reasons why Cuban cigars are illegal is due to the fact that Cohiba is a trademark, and the US maker of the same brand is a monopoly. However, this is not the case when Cuban cigars are purchased illegally. In the United States, over 90% of them are counterfeit. Because of these issues, it is unlikely that Cuban cigars will become a reliable source for American travelers.