Why Police Are Called “12” in Atlanta

There is a certain mystery surrounding why police are called “12” on the street. Although no one can definitively answer the question, there are several common theories. In Atlanta, Georgia, the term has become quite popular in hip hop, and it is used to refer to police officers in rap songs. Although the origin of this term is unclear, many sources claim it has roots in the title of the cop drama Adam-12. While these theories may not be entirely correct, they can provide a good explanation for why police are called “12” in Atlanta.

The phrase “police are called 12” is a reference to narcotics officers. The rapper Migos makes this reference in his song “Boys Like Girls.” In fact, the lyrics are about throwing drugs outside the door to escape the DEA. The term also adds up to 12 because it is a prefix. Regardless, there is a deeper reason behind why police are referred to as “12” in Atlanta.

The term “12” has become widely used, not only in Atlanta but all over the country. Its slang origin is in the TV show Adam-12, but many people using it haven’t even seen the show. However, it’s widely used in everyday conversation, both online and offline. And it’s hard to tell which is more common, despite the origins of the term. It seems that the term has become a cultural icon for police officers, and its use is a good example of how it came about.

Another reason for the phrase “12” in urban culture is because the phrase has made its way into popular culture. A few decades ago, in the 1960s, a popular sitcom called Adam-12 depicted the everyday activities of LAPD officers. In its first season, the series was extremely popular, and its episodes often featured police officers. The show aired on television and drew a wide audience. This show became popular worldwide, and today, this phrase has a recognizable meaning.