Why can Meowth talk?

But just why can Meowth talk?

As a Pokémon fan, you may or may not have noticed that the characters have their own way of talking – and most of the time, the words are a variant of their name. Pikachu says “pika pika pikachu,” Charmander says “char char charmander,” and Meowth… well, Meowth talks. Like a grownup human, using words.

Sure, there may have been stronger Pokémon that talked later in the series, but why can Meowth talk, in circumstances where most of them can’t? He doesn’t seem as strong, to begin with, so what makes Meowth so special?

Well, he may not have been the strongest of the bunch – but he certainly has his smarts. It’s not by magic or anything that Meowth learned how to talk. He didn’t eat a dictionary either. In fact, he just taught himself how to talk.

In the 72nd episode “Go West, Young Meowth,” we get a flashback from the days when Meowth didn’t have anything: no food, no shelter, nothing. After, he tried to steal some food and failed – and eventually, he came across a gang of Meowth that gave him food and shelter.

Eventually, he came across another Meowth, a trainer-owned one named Meowsy. Meowth liked her right away, but when he tried to woo her, he was flat-out rejected. Why? Because he was dirty and wild.

Heartbroken, he decided to improve himself. He learned how to talk and walk upright – just like a human would. Since Meowsy had a trainer, he figured that she would like him now. However, Meowsy once more rejected him because he was “a freak.”

As you can see, it’s not a magical reason as to why Meowth could talk. It’s just a story of a heartbroken Pokémon, who decided to become better for love. He was rejected, yes, but that didn’t mean Meowth gave up on winning Meowsy’s heart – hence, his strong desire to get rich.

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