Why doesn’t Teller Talk?

But just why doesn’t teller talk?

Teller has been performing magic tricks in Penn and Teller for about 40 years now. However, even if they have changed in their appearance, there is one thing that hasn’t changed. Teller never speaks. For 40 years, all of his magic tricks were done in complete silence, with Penn being the only one who occasionally spoke.

But why does that happen, though? Is it because Teller cannot speak – or is it because he does not want to speak? Well, his partner in magical crime, Penn, cleared that up for us: Teller is not mute, and can actually speak very well. He just decided not to do so during his magic shows.

Teller was working in a pretty difficult environment where he would often be distracted by the audience. He would be “heckled,” as Penn put it, which could affect his performance. By saying words himself, it would be like he was inviting other people to join in with their own words.

His solution to this was simple: if you don’t talk to them, they won’t talk back to you. This is where Teller’s silence policy started. Plus, Teller himself says that he’s not speaking because he wants to keep the magic from getting redundant. In his eyes, there was no point to speak the obvious; the silence tells the story itself.

Aside from the redundancy issue, Teller also believes that by not talking, he makes his magic look all the more convincing. He discovered that a lot of great, “magical” things happen when he doesn’t speak, like creating a more intimate vibe with the audience.

However, the “no talking” thing is only limited to his performances. When it comes to fan events, he’s not shy and actually talks. He briefly spoke at Comic-Con in San Diego 2011, and he’s no stranger to talking at other events and TV interviews.

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