Can’t Get CBS on Antenna? Here’s What to Do

If you want to watch CBS, but you cannot get it on your antenna, you might be having trouble with the signal. You can resolve the issue by getting in touch with the local CBS news station. If you are not sure what to look for in a good antenna, you can always ask a professional technician to recommend a suitable antenna for your location. The following article will explain the steps to take if you cannot receive CBS on your antenna.

The most common problem with antenna reception is the presence of interference. There are various causes for interference with the signal. A damaged antenna will affect the reception of CBS. Antenna placement also plays an important role in receiving the signal. Hence, it is important to check the location of the antenna to find out the exact cause of the interference in the reception. If you cannot get CBS on your antenna, you need to make sure that your TV is turned on.

Another common problem with antenna reception is a damaged antenna. Whether the antenna is indoor or outdoor, it is important to check it. Antennas outdoors are more likely to get damaged. Sometimes, cables and cords may become tangled or damaged from weather or other factors. Check for the condition of the cables and make sure they are properly plugged in. If all these do not solve the problem, then you may need to buy a new antenna.

The next time you cannot get CBS on your antenna, you should check the location of your antenna. You should ensure that it is pointed in the direction of Garner, North Carolina. Sometimes, the antenna has to be adjusted multiple times before the signal can come through. If you still can’t get a clear picture, consider purchasing a signal line amplifier. If you have multiple televisions, check if they are all using the same antenna. This will make it easier for you to view the program.

If you cannot get the signal from your antenna, you may be experiencing snow or static type interference. If your antenna is facing a tree or building with thick walls, the signal will be weak. Cell towers can also interfere with your signal. In addition to this, some electronic devices can interfere with your signal. Finally, bad weather may also affect your TV reception. If you do not find the problem, make adjustments and try again.

Check if you have too many splitters between the TV and antenna. Using too many splitters will deteriorate the antenna signal. If this doesn’t help, try using only one splitter. Another problem could be your TV’s digital tuner. If it is new, it may still be faulty. Try the same antenna on another TV and see if it works. If not, contact the broadcast station and explain the situation.