Why Did George Kill Lennie?

You may be wondering, why did George kill Lennie? After all, it is not that he hated Lennie. But it is clear that George was worried that Lennie was about to be locked up. And he could not wait any longer to kill him. After shooting Lennie, he regrets his actions. This article will discuss the reasons why George killed Lennie. Read on to find out! Also, find out if you agree with this theory.

There are several reasons why George killed Lennie. One is that he was accused of rape. After all, he felt her dress, and George told Lennie to wait near the river if there was trouble. But Lennie was not aware of his fate, and George wanted him to be safe. And so, George killed Lennie to protect him. The moral dilemma of George is complicated. Read on to learn more.

One reason is that Lennie was a bother. People had a hard time ignoring him, and George did not want him to suffer. Lennie was unable to change his bad habits, and George didn’t want him to make him miserable. His killing would be devastating for Lennie, and he wanted to protect his family. This answer reveals the reason why George killed Lennie. If you ask yourself why, you will find an answer to this question!

Another reason is because Lennie had murdered Curley’s wife, and he did not have the courage to save her. If he hadn’t killed him, Lennie would have faced the same brutal punishment that he received. And in the end, killing one person is far better than endangering the majority of the population. George’s act was the right one! He would have received a worse punishment if he hadn’t killed Lennie.

Ultimately, Lennie and George were separated because Lennie took their Luger, and George accidentally shot Lennie when they were in the barn. Lennie accidentally killed Candy when he stroked her hair in the barn. He also killed Curley’s wife and a mouse. But they were not the only ones who died – a lynch mob would have killed Lennie. The lynch mob would have killed Lennie more cruelly.

A major reason why George killed Lennie is because of Curly’s vengeance. Lenny accidentally killed Curley’s wife and he was defending himself when he was attacked by Curly. After all, George knew that he couldn’t bail Lenny out of this one. And Curly had a bloodlust for revenge. It is possible that he would have tortured Lenny if he knew Curly would kill him. After all, he would not let Curly kill his wife.