Why Did Graham Wardle Stop Playing Ty Borden?

Graham Wardle is a Canadian actor born on September 6, 1986, in Mission, British Columbia. Along with his five siblings, he was raised in New Westminister, a city close to Vancouver. Graham received his first TV job in The Sentinal as young Aaron when he was twelve years old. Later, he had appearances in TV programs like Supernatural (2005) as Tommy Collins, Adam Kitsis in Life as we Know It (2004), and The Outer Limits (2001).

Graham developed his acting skills while pursuing a degree in the Motion Picture and Production Program at Capilano University in Vancouver and received his university diploma in 2007. Graham appeared in “In the Land of Women” that same year, and he was chosen to portray the lead character of Ty Borden in “Heartland”.

In the 2010 movie “A Heartland Christmas,” which was based on the TV show, Graham portrayed his role as Ty Borden. Alongside his role in Heartland, Graham was cast in a few additional films as well including the Syfy TV movie Grave Halloween in 2013 where he played Kyle, a hardware store customer in Mon Ami (2012), in Yesterday (2009) as Chris, and as Danny McNabb in That One Night (2008). In 2016, Heartland commemorated ten years of operation.

Why Did Graham Leave Heartland?

Heartland Season 14’s premiere offered a startling surprise to all of us. That is, Ty Borden’s actor Graham Wardle won’t be appearing in any future episodes of the show.

Although Graham Wardle’s decision to leave the show may have seemed hasty to fans, it was a long time coming. The actor admitted he’s been considering leaving the program for at least a few years in a special message to fans. “I have not taken this decision lightly. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, trying to find out how to honor the show, myself, and this shift.”, he said.

Graham Wardle has previously requested a break from the camera when Ty departs for Mongolia in Season 10. Only this time, his choice is irrevocable, which shocked both the cast and crew as well as fans everywhere.

It was a “call to go on,” according to Graham Wardle, and to “follow his heart.” He has undertaken various projects in recent years that he genuinely believes would improve people’s lives. In light of this, he wrote in an email to The Canadian Press, “I felt in my heart it was time to move in a new direction.”

How Did Ty Borden’s Character Die in Heartland?

Amy and Ty are shown blocking a poacher’s errant bullet in the Season 13 finale “The Passing of the Torch.” The bullet only strikes Amy in the shoulder because of Ty’s bravery. Ty hurries her to the hospital, where a nurse informs her that he has also been shot.

Ty Borden passes away from a blood clot that formed after he was shot. While guiding Spartan back to the barn in Heartland Season 14 Episode 1 “Keep Me in Your Heart,” he passes out. In the tragic scene, just before catastrophe strikes, Amy and Spartan are seen soothing a wild colt. Jack and Amy rush over to Ty as soon as he stumbles, but it’s already too late.

It was a final farewell for Ty Borden and Graham Wardle, as Marshall revealed in an exclusive video for TV Insider. It was undoubtedly a lovely memorial to the character, and perhaps even some fans found some solace in it.

sipping coffee in the kitchen

Additionally, it was revealed that Amy dreamed about Ty and her having coffee before he left for work, during which they quietly said, “I love you” and “goodbye,” only for Amy to awaken from the dream and find their daughter standing next to her in bed


What Reaction Did the Fans Have When Graham Wardle Left Heartland?

Graham Wardle’s decision to leave Heartland has drawn sympathy from the audience, but more importantly, they continue to support him in his future aspirations. It must be upsetting for viewers who have grown accustomed to following the main character of a series for 14 seasons to see him go and learn that he won’t be appearing in any more episodes. Even though it is heartbreaking to lose Ty, death is a part of life, and Ty’s absence from the show would be much felt by fans. Some people want Graham Wardle to think twice about going back to Heartland, but if he doesn’t, they will still follow the show and want to see the plotlines of the other characters develop.

Some viewers related to Amy’s character and wept uncontrollably throughout Ty’s death. One could not imagine losing their husband in the same manner because it is so abrupt and unexpected. Other viewers praised the long-running program for how realistically it depicted the difficulties of losing family and friends, such as how Amy and everyone else in the show handled Ty’s death. Living includes dying. It is impossible to avoid, and this show proves it.

It is depressing to watch him mature before our very eyes, and it is so painful to say goodbye. Even though his character will be missed, many of his admirers continue to wish him luck in his future undertakings. From the fans’ reactions, one could tell how Ty Borden is loved, how Graham Wardle is adored, and how the fans got hooked on the TV series Heartland.


Most celebrities aim to remain in the spotlight forever. Many of them amass unbelievable wealth and own opulent mansions. They enjoy fame and all the benefits it brings. Despite these benefits, there is a small number that outgrows it and wants to pursue careers in fields other than acting and television appearances. Graham Wardle is at the pinnacle of his profession after starring in a protracted TV series, but he still desired to experience life away from the movie set. Nevertheless, despite this significant choice, he won the admiration and respect of his fellow actors and fans around the world.