Why Did Gus Kill Victor?

So, why did Gus kill Victor? Well, first of all, he could have easily killed another victim like he did with Hector. After all, Gus has spent years vetting Gail Whittaker and was duty bound to keep her safe. And it isn’t like Gus was going to leave him there, did he? And if he was, then why would he want to kill another victim?

But there are a lot of possible explanations for Gus’s killing of Victor. First of all, it may be related to Gus’ suspicion of Victor stealing meth, which Jesse was doing. Gus may have killed him to make his point, or it may have been a scare tactic. Whatever the reason, the end result of this act was a horrible ending for the two men.

Second of all, it may have been a mistake of judging Gus’ actions by his actions. Victor has memorized cooking techniques, but Gus did not, so he was more likely to take advantage of his lack of understanding. The film makes an excellent point about the role of motive. It makes the reader wonder, “Did Gus kill Gale?”

Another possible reason may be that Gus was angry because he lost Gale, his partner and main chemist. While Gus is known for his hard-nosed business sense, he also had a breaking point. He lost his partner, and his temper exploded. The result was that he killed his friend and business partner. And he did it to send a message to Walt and Jesse. The death of his former partner, Combo, and Walt demonstrates Gus’ cautionary approach to business.

In the final episode, Walter waits for Gus Fring’s reaction to the murder. He improvised more in the first two seasons, and had no idea about season four. Despite the lack of details, his improvisation skills paid off: Gilligan won a Writers Guild of America award for Best Episodic Drama in 2009 for his work on Breaking Bad. In season four, Gus’ reaction is a bit cryptic, so we can’t say that he was purely motivated.