Why is James Norton Leaving Grantchester?

If you are a fan of the television show Grantchester, then you’re probably wondering why James Norton is leaving. The actor left the show after the current storyline concluded. He has already landed some fantastic leading roles. And he also co-founded Rabbit Track Pictures, which will produce films starring Edward Norton. Read on to learn more about this exciting new venture. We wish him all the best!

Last year, the show was nearly over after James Norton announced that he would be leaving the role. Instead of appointing a new actor, Grantchester went without James Norton. Instead, Tom Brittney (The Five) stepped in to take Norton’s role as Sidney Chambers. The departure of Norton nearly caused the show to end, but he eventually agreed to return and film the episode’s epilogue.

It’s no secret that Norton is a Christian, which may explain his decision to leave Grantchester. He grew up very religious and even mentioned the possibility of playing James Bond. This move is not surprising since he has made comments about his character before. Regardless of whether or not he will reprise the role, the character’s storyline is reaching a natural end. So, while his character might be moving on to a new chapter in his life, his exit from Grantchester feels completely natural and appropriate.

It’s no secret that James Norton is leaving Grantchester after the fourth season. The actor has already had a successful career, appearing in movies like Happy Valley and starring in the critically acclaimed book Atlas of Adventures. He even shared a snap on social media of himself receiving a flu vaccination. Surely this will be a poignant moment in his life. You’ll remember the moments of James Norton in Grantchester fondly.

While he’s leaving Grantchester, many fans are asking the same question: what is the future for him? He’s dating actress Imogen Poots, who was previously a co-star on Happy Valley. The two were recently spotted together on Instagram, and it’s not clear whether the relationship is serious. But, it’s safe to assume that they’re dating. There’s no official confirmation yet, so watch this space.

In the aftermath of Norton’s departure, fans have been left wondering: Will the show ever pick up without Norton? The show has a loyal following and has a large fan base, and Norton has been one of the show’s most popular actors. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to follow the saga of the Reverend Davenport and his family. But if he leaves, it’s probably for good.

Thankfully, the show is returning to a summer film schedule after a winter season. The new season of Grantchester premieres sometime in 2021. Though a date for the first episode has not yet been announced, PBS has released a sneak peek. This new season will follow Will, Geordie, and the gang on a holiday vacation. An untimely death at a beach resort interrupts their holiday, forcing Will and Geordie to take a part in the investigation. What happens in the holiday episode will have serious repercussions in the season to come.