Why does Diane Keaton cover her neck?

Why does Diane Keaton cover her neck?

But just why does Diane Keaton cover her neck? In a seemingly effortless way, Diane Keaton weaves prudish turtlenecks, scarves from a bygone era and masculine, hard-edged, over-sized pieces to create her stylish, signature look. It’s a style that Keaton herself has dubbed, “very protective” and “impenetrable”. And, it has stood the test of time – her style roots can be traced all the way back to the character she played in Annie Hall.  

While Keaton does draw criticism for not diverging too far from her style guidebook, she appears to have achieved fashion nirvana – knowing what suits her body type combined with the confidence to wear what she likes and having the capacity to afford what she wants to wear.

The particular style she has chosen (with a penchant for layering) has also helped her to age gracefully. So, Keaton’s desire to cover her neck is influenced by wanting to maintain her privacy about a part of her body that she’s protective of, especially because she has had numerous basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas removed over the years. Covering up is also consistent with her being a passionate advocate for skin protection.  

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