Why is Chicago called the Windy City?

But just Why is Chicago called the Windy City?

Perhaps you have heard about Chicago being called the “Windy City” before and had no idea why. Well, even today, it is still not fully clear why the city got this nickname. Some people believe that it is due to the cold breezes that blow from Lake Michigan. But is this the only reason?

Chicago may be called the windy city, but it is far from being the windiest city in the United States. It isn’t even in the top 10 list for the windiest cities of the States. The windiest city is Boston, Massachusetts, which has wind speeds that are two miles per hour faster compared to the winds of Chicago. So, if the city is not that windy, why is it called the windy city and why hasn’t Boston received this nickname?

The nickname may have come from something Charles A. Dana, a New York Sun reporter, said in 1893. He mentioned that the politicians of the city were “full of hot air”. Back then, New York and Chicago were battling to host the next World’s Fair. Because of that, the “windbag” advocates of Chicago were not running away from making different campaigns in order to help the city win. So, while Dana did his best to discredit the “windy city”, the next World’s Fair took place in Illinois instead, so New York lost the battle.

But there were some records of the windy city nickname even before the World’s Fair conflict. Basically, the term was used by the Cincinnati Enquirer in 1876 to refer to a tornado that blew through Chicago. The Cincinnati Enquirer also used the term to refer to the local speakers, saying they were “full of wind”.

And that is where the nickname gained traction from and why it stuck. So, if you ever go to Chicago, you will know the legend of the “windy city”.

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