Why is Snape called the Half Blood Prince?

But just why is Snape called the Half Blood Prince?

Harry Potter fans probably all had the same surprise when they found out that Severus Snape is actually the owner of that “custom” copy of Advanced Potion Making. This book is the property of the Half-Blood Prince,” the copy of the manual said. Given Snape’s skill with potions, we should have seen it coming – but we didn’t.

Snape by nature is not very “princely” – unless you dub him as some sort of dark prince. Plus, half-bloods are considered to be half-wizard, half-muggle. Those are pretty common at Hogwarts, but there’s one particular house where you don’t see them: Slytherin. That’s because this house is notorious for the fact that it houses dark wizards with mostly clear lineage.

This is why most of us lived under the impression that Snape was a pure-blooded wizard – but the truth is, he wasn’t. His mother was a witch, indeed, but his father was a muggle (a person born with no magical skill), called Tobias Snape. This makes Snape, according to his bloodline, a half-blood.

Now that we cleared the half-blood part, what about the Prince name? Well, technically speaking, it has nothing to do with fairy tales and princes. His mother was a pure lineage witch called Eileen Prince. The theory is that Snape was embarrassed and angry that his father was a muggle, which is why he decided not to talk about it. He took the name prince because he felt closer to his mother’s pure-blooded lineage.

This part of the story is not talked about too much in the movie, and you don’t get too many details about it. However, it is explained in the book, when Hermione connected the dots between Snape and his lineage. Snape was a half-blood wizard, but also a descendant of his mother’s Prince lineage – therefore, the Half-Blood Prince.

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