5 Reasons Why Real Estate Auditing on Spreadsheets is Holding Your Business Back

A digital property survey can be useful when conducting a real estate audit because it has many benefits. Many businesses still rely on paper or spreadsheets when it comes to auditing. We will discuss the five benefits of digital surveying today and why you should consider it a viable alternative to the traditional way of auditing your real estate assets.

1. Spreadsheet audits are time-consuming and prone to human error

After completing the audit, you go back to your office desk computer and need to compile everything in an excel report, attach the correct photos, perhaps scan paper evidence, etc. In addition to being tedious, this causes many delays and limits the number of audits that can be performed. Human error often leads to data entry errors and incorrect calculations. A standard checklist ensures that data for apartments for rent in Dayton, OH is accurate by automating the auditing process.

Going through all these steps is unnecessary when you can conduct audits directly from your smartphone or tablet. You don’t need to wait until office hours to attach pictures from your device, tap the responses and notes, and then add more comments later, if necessary when you get there. Once that is done, all you have to do is click a button, and a professional-looking report will be automatically generated, ready for you to share or save. It has been reported that our customers can audit and report up to 5 times faster and that the field teams can complete significantly more audits.

2. Data consistency and traceability are difficult

Users fill out forms and update spreadsheets according to their abilities and understanding. Maintaining consistent document creation dates, using conventions in naming documents, and tracking when and by whom documents were last edited is a challenge. You need help to provide the right guidance and constraints, such as a requirement to provide photo evidence for a particular question, a certain color coding, etc. There are major differences between spreadsheets maintained by different owners!

It is also important to ensure that all your team members use the latest version of the inspection checklist template when you update it. It is common for version control to become a problem in larger teams over time.

Using digital checklists, you can add special conditions and requirements to ensure the quality of data collection. Any updates will be immediately available to everyone on their device. By using digital surveys for business decision-making, you can reduce errors and create detailed reports to help businesses make better decisions.

Moreover, automated time stamps, GPS location, e-signature capabilities, and other features contribute to collecting consistent and auditable data without requiring the user to enter it manually. As a result of digitizing surveys, businesses can streamline their auditing processes and make them more efficient and accurate. It is also possible to set various levels of permissions within the system, allowing only certain users to edit or access certain information.

3. Spreadsheets Are Inefficient and Inaccurate

It is because digital surveys can be programmed to create specific questions related to the audit, which is why they are more accurate than paper surveys. Furthermore, participants can complete the surveys more quickly than they can with paper surveys, so they have another advantage over paper surveys. The result of this is that auditors can gather more data in a shorter amount of time.

It is possible to have a digital representation of the entire facility by using such tools, for example, so that corrective action can be taken by giving a detailed representation of each floor or area. In particular, it proves useful when locating equipment that is difficult to locate.

4. Take advantage of flexible digital surveys to save time and money

Using the right tools makes it possible to create and conduct digital surveys quickly, saving you time and money. Digital survey checklists are also easy to customize to suit your requirements, making them a great tool for auditing real estate. These surveys can be completed using mobile devices, and you can customize the questions.

The app notifies building owners, tenants, contractors, and others of necessary corrective actions during inspections by providing photos and detailed notes that clarify the situation. Additionally, these details are automatically incorporated into the subsequent audit report.

5. Audits and inspections of real estate are going digital.

The use of digital surveys in the real estate industry is becoming more and more prevalent. Compared to traditional paper-based surveys, they have several advantages, including accuracy, speed, and cost-effectiveness.

It is particularly well suited to digital property inspections, and audits for digital surveys can be used. Managers and inspectors can easily use them to capture all the relevant information during inspection. They can be easily shared with clients and other parties involved.

Are the audit scores trending upwards or downwards? Are there any recurring issues you want to share with us across your teams or locations? If you had access to this information, you could proactively drive improvements in your business. It takes too long to retrieve past audits and compile summaries if data is scattered across multiple forms or spreadsheets. You should update your information even if you go through this exercise frequently!

Since all audit data is in the system, trend charts can be viewed for locations, auditors, or audit topics over time. You can view the data in real-time using the dashboard by selecting the criteria you want to see. Summary reports can also be scheduled to be regularly sent to the right stakeholders.

What can digital solutions do to streamline property surveys?

Digital surveys are rapidly growing in popularity, and there is no doubt that they will play a major role in future real estate inspections and audits.

Manage move-ins, move-outs, quality reviews, structural and engineering inspections, etc., with desktop apps like Singu FM. It provides consistent data over time within a solid framework that minimizes inconsistencies, all within a cost-effective audit and reporting system.