Why did Bobby and Khalyla Break up?

Thousands of fans were saddened by the recent revelation of TigerBelly hosts Bobby Lee and Khalyla’s break-up. The couple officially announced the quits after a decade of exploring life together. Several hints and reasons are expressed to answer the huge question of WHY while many of the couple’s fans commented on their varied take on the news. 

Khalyla is a content creator, announcer, and social media star best known for co-hosting the ‘TigerBelly’ podcast with her husband, Bobby Lee, a well-known comedian, and media personality who has appeared on hit TV shows such as Love and Arrested Development, and MADtv. 

On YouTube, the podcast has thousands of subscribers and nearly 2 million views. ‘TigerBelly’ is also available on platforms such as iTunes. Khalyla has interviewed celebrities such as Jordan Peele and Eric Stonestreet as the co-host of ‘TigerBelly.’

The Couple’s Official Statement  

During TigerBelly episode 355, the Lee/Kuhn split was officially announced. The ex-couple was visibly distressed, with Khalyla wiping away tears and Bobby attempting to keep his cool as he announced to the crowd that he and his longtime girlfriend were splitting up. Though some followers expressed their admiration as to how easy it was to listen to no matter how emotional the topic was. 

A Snippet of Their Relationship

Khalyla met Bobby Lee on the popular dating app called ‘Tinder’ and first met at a coffee shop in Long Beach, California where Khun was living at that time. Lee was looking for tall women and was drawn to Khalyla, who stands 5 feet 6 inches tall. Khalyla’s fame soared after she married Lee in August 2016 at the New York Church. However, she began to get negative social media comments, with many claiming that she married Bobby Lee for his celebrity and money. Khalyla then took to Twitter to refute the allegations. She frequently publishes images of her husband on her social media platforms. 

Kuhn Rumored of Cheating

Kuhn was accused of cheating on Bobby with an athlete called Brendan Schaub in 2019. Bobby became concerned after learning that the two were texting each other. At the same time, sources suggest that Kuhn made it plain to the fans that they were only discussing sports and nothing romantic. Kuhn was also dubbed a gold digger in 2018. This came after the podcast host quipped that if it weren’t for the money, she wouldn’t date Bobby. Netizens were outraged; however, she later clarified her comments on Instagram. 

Kuhn’s Treatment Toward Lee 

Fans of the TigerBelly podcast noticed Khalyla’s treatment of Bobby was off-putting in the early days of the show. Fans of the show have picked up on Khaylyla’s subtle and not-so-subtle digs given out throughout the years, from Kuhn’s comments on TigerBelly about not finding Lee attractive to exposing Lee on numerous topics. As a result, Ms. Kuhn has received negative feedback from admirers on websites such as Reddit. However, Kuhn’s retorts appear to be comic in nature.

Lee’s Change of Feelings 

Lee revealed that after an incident of Kuhn’s coronary issues years ago in the Philippines, their relationship began to change. Sometimes they had to call the ambulance at 5 AM for some episodes. He felt more like her caregiver than a lover. Lee also reported having fantasies about other women. This incident appeared to be the starting point for the breakdown of their relationship. Lee even said that Kuhn had tried unsuccessfully to save the relationship.

Lee’s Statement of an Open Relationship with Kuhn for A Time

In some episodes of TigerBelly, Lee and Kuhn both joked on their podcast about wanting to be with other people. Bobby advised that Kuhn see someone else because his amorous sentiments were no longer present. He stated that he still adored Khalyla and considered her to be his greatest friend. However, it appears that the jokes were filled with some kernel of truth buried amid the funny back and forth. Unlike Graham Wardle who left “Heartland” because he needed to follow his heart and follow some call, this couple kind of tease each other a bit. 

Brendan Schaub as the Breaking Point

Before the feud, Lee, Kuhn, and Brendan Schaub were all friends, with Schaub having previously appeared on the TigerBelly podcast. That friendship, however, came to an end when it was revealed that Schaub had made sexual approaches toward both Kuhn and Kuhn’s Trash Tuesday co-host Annie Lederman. This rekindled the conflict between Schaub and Kuhn, with Lee dragged along for the journey and subjected to a phone diatribe from both Schaub and Bryan Callen. This, of course, did not help Schaub’s reputation in the comedy industry, as the comedian’s reputation hasn’t been fantastic of late, but the feud appears to have been the final nail in the Lee/Kuhn relationship coffin.

Rumors Began that Khalyla was Unfaithful

Bobby has stated that many of the issues in the relationship were his fault. However, accusations about Khaylyla being unfaithful are circulating on Reddit and YouTube. During an episode of Trash Tuesday, co-host Annie Lederman mentioned Kuhn’s trip to Hawaii, implying that Kuhn was unfaithful while there.

Lee not to Engage in a Romantic Relationship Again

Lee commented in TigerBelly episode 355: “We’re good. We’re OK. We’re not going anywhere.” “I’m never going to see anyone else in my life,” where Kuhn exclaimed that the former cannot say that and that he doesn’t know the future. But Lee replied, “No, I have no interest.” I genuinely don’t care; you know what I mean?

Playing “Starry Sky” for 16 hours a Day 

Bobby Lee responded in an interview that he will be busy playing 16 hours of “Starry Sky” once it’s out in around eight months as of this writing. He pointed this out when he was asked about his recent break-up with co-host Khalyla. He was interviewed by podcast host Ryan Sickler and was asked to describe some of the reasons behind the separation. 

He said, “I don’t want to be in a relationship where the other person is continuously saying ‘we’re going to the park,’ and I don’t want to do that; if you want to go to the park with your buddies, I’m all for it; but from now on, I think I’ll just be able to be alone,” he explained.

When couples break up, fans will always be in shock and would squeeze for answers. This was also why fans were disappointed when Nina Dobrev decided to leave the Vampire Diaries thinking that it may be due to co-star Ian Somerhalder. Not just these celebrities but several celebrity couples had undergone relationship fall out. 

Clarifying Break-up Issues on TigerBelly Episode 355

So much has been clarified by Bobby Lee about the many rumors that have been spreading around his recent break-up with wife Khalyla Kuhn in their famous podcast TigerBelly episode 355. He admitted that so much of what’s going on in their marriage was majorly his fault and that he clarified the “gold-digger” issue trashed to Khalyla. He has revealed that when they conceptualized and founded TigerBelly together, he was literally out of cash but much of his earnings had been a result of the business he founded with Khun.