Why did Nick Groff leave Ghost Adventures?

Premiering on 17 October 2008, the Travel Networks long-running Ghost Experiences is a documentary/reality examination collection dedicated to delving into haunted areas and also the paranormal task at them. The investigators, Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and also Jay Wasley browse through believed haunts intending to accumulate proof (largely audio as well as aesthetic) of paranormal activity.

The most effective component of each program is certainly the interviews with people that claim to have witnessed paranormal phenomena at the site being investigated though the fancy devices made use of to determine and tape-record supernatural incidents is additionally an emphasize. The employee, including Groff, all case to have actually experienced some type of paranormal phenomena, personally.

From periods 1 to 10, Groff was not just a detective however likewise, executive generated, editor and also cameraman for Ghost Journeys. Nonetheless, on 24 November 2014, Groff revealed that he wouldnt be returning to the program.

However simply why did Nick Groff leave Ghost Adventures?

It does not appear as though Groff has ever answered this concern straight to the press. However, there are two dominant concepts floating around.

First, Ghost Experiences was heading in an instructions that displeased Groff. There had apparently been bad blood developing between Groff and also Bagans for some time. The program emphasised Bagans duty by offering him extra air-time as each season advanced as well as several have actually assumed that Groff wasnt a follower of that. Groff apparently likewise really felt as though his contribution wasnt being precisely portrayed in the final modified variation of each show.

Second, Groff decided it was time to branch off on his own and create various other shows dedicated to exploration of the paranormal. This theory proves out taking into consideration that given that his separation from Ghost Adventures, Groff produced his very own series, Ghost Stalkers ( 2014) and also Paranormal Lockdown (2016-2019).