Why did the Jonas Brothers break up?

But just Why did the Jonas Brothers break up?

If you’re in your 20s, you may remember the Jonas Brothers. Joe, Nick, and Kevin used to appear everywhere, blow up people’s speakers and headphones with their music, and make girls all over the globe fall in love with them. Despite the success, the trio broke up in 2013, leaving fans wondering what happened to them and hoping for a reunion.

Before they split in 2013, there were a few things happening that made people realize something bad was going on. Not only did they cancel the tour that was coming, but they also ended up deleting the official Twitter account, with Joe tweeting “Please hold while we get our shit together.” Then, they said they wanted to focus more on their family instead of their music, so they were putting family first. Still, things were very unclear to their fans.

In recent years, the brothers spoke about why they decided to split. It turns out that they did not agree on their music at the time. Apparently, they had disagreements regarding the direction of their music. Nick also mentioned that they “lost touch” with what they wanted to say. Then, like the downfall of the band was not enough, they were also drifting apart as brothers. Joe was seeing a therapist and wasn’t talking to his brothers, and he also thought that they spent too much time doing one thing.

Nick Jonas also wanted to pursue a solo career, which was another reason for the split. Kevin said that Nick went to them one day and said, “The Jonas Brothers should be no more.” Nick himself admitted in 2019 that he is the reason behind the band’s split.

Although the band broke up for a long time, they are now back together, and it is actually thanks to Nick. Their problems in the past regarding the music they were playing and their worsening relationship as brothers were the reasons behind the split, along with Nick’s solo career plans. Still, as time passed by, they were able to solve their issues and reunite in 2019.

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