Why does Kakashi wear a mask?

Why does Kakashi wear a mask?

We know what you’re thinking: it would probably be easier to explain the existence of aliens than to answer why Kakashi wears a mask. As a person that has watched Naruto, the fact that Kakashi never took his mask down probably bugged the hell out of you. You even watched breathlessly as Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke tried to take his mask off only to find out that behind his mask was… another mask.

But why does Kakashi wear that mask? Well, we never got a clear answer for that, so all we have at this point are fan-based speculations. We did find out, in a filler Naruto episode, that Kakashi had a small mole on his chin. However, considering that it’s Kakashi we are talking about, and the number of scars on him, it’s very unlikely that he’s self-conscious about such a thing as a mole.

Some say he wears the mask as a fashion statement – so that he looks different from the other characters. In Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals, a Naruto Spin Off, it was revealed that he wears the mask so that we don’t see his nosebleeds – the kind that he gets for scandalous reasons. That one also sounds like a cover-up that the characters, not the readers, actually buy.

Quora theories say that since he failed to save his father from a mission, he wears the mask out of shame. That’s not completely certain either, because he seemed to wear that mask even when he was little, before his father died. However, others are convinced that Kakashi just loves trolling the people around him and is just wearing it to keep onto the mystery.

We don’t have a clear answer to why Kakashi wears a mask, and it might be easier to answer the unanswered questions of the universe than that. He may have a good reason – or he may have just been messing with us. We will probably never know!

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