Why does Vanitas look like Sora?

But just why does Vanitas look like Sora?

Playing Kingdom Hearts, there’s probably no way this question didn’t peck at your brain when Vanitas took off his mask: why do Vanitas and Sora look so alike? They look so similar to the point that if you dyed Sora’s hair black and gave him contacts, you would get exactly Vanitas. Is there a reason for that, or is it just a coincidence?

Well, it’s a bit of a long story that we will make short, but there’s certainly no coincidence here. Vanitas was created when Xehanort extracted half of Ventus’ heart – his darkness, so to speak. As a result, Ventus’ heart was fractured, and Xehanort dropped him on the island where he grew up so that he could spend his last living moments before he took his last breath.

Enter Sora. At that point, Sora was just a newborn – but without even realizing it, he connected with Ventus’ heart and pretty much mended it. Ventus was no longer dying because Sora saved him. Sora became somehow the ‘light’ version of Ventus’ heart, featuring a connection that went to physical borders.

Obviously, if Ventus and Sora were connected, Sora and Vanitas ended up being connected as well. Because of this exact connection, Vanitas took on Sora’s appearance. The moment Vanitas was created, he did not have a face – not at first, at least. It’s probably why he wore the mask.

However, once the connection with Sora was made, Vanitas grew a face: Sora’s. Only instead of having brown hair, Vanitas has black hair. And unlike Sora’s eyes that change depending on the worlds he visits, Vanitas’ eyes are golden.

In the end, Vanitas and Sora look alike because they both have the same connection: Ventus’s heart. Since Vanitas was made from Ventus and Ventus connected to Sora, obviously the two are linked as well.

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