Why Does Nell on NCIS LA Always Wear Tights?

Ever wonder why Nell on NCIS LA always wears tights? She does it almost every day, and she wears them under her dress! She may not have time to think about her clothing, so tights are her go-to option. After all, tights go with nearly everything! On the show, she’s a FBI undercover operative, and she’s likely not in a position to worry about what she’s wearing.

While she’s not pregnant, actress Renee Felice Smith, who plays Nell Jones, doesn’t wear tights very often. The reason is her neopreneous wardrobe. Though she does not speak French, her wardrobe reflects her personality perfectly. While she’s not pregnant, she is known for her feisty attitude, her sassination skills, and her quick wit.

In episode five, Sam proposed to Deeks with a flashbang pin, a stun grenade pin. Deeks had been an LAPD cop before, but was still working as a liaison between NCIS and the LAPD. When Nell told him that his job had been eliminated, he was surprised and relieved. The flashbang pin he gave her was an engagement ring that looked like a stun grenade pin.

Why does Nell wear tights on NCIS LA? Because she is a forensic agent. She is supposed to be the one investigating a case, and her tights make her look like a forensic expert. Her tights and leggings give her an edge over her co-workers. Besides, she is always in tights, so she’s not exactly sacrificing style for comfort.

Despite the tights, Nell is a sexy girl, and the thigh-high boots add to her charm and appeal. This show is a great way to bond with your loved ones, whether you’re a new mom, or a seasoned detective. The show has become a hit with audiences and critics alike. But be sure to check out the episode to find out why Nell wears tights so often!

The NCIS/LA representatives are also interested in crossovers. One fan referred to a crossover between the show and Hawaii 5-0. Barrett was astonished by the question, but says that he does not know how popular it is outside the United States. In addition to crossovers, Renee and Barrett were both interested in Scott Caan’s acting, and Renee was curious about whether or not he’s as hot off the camera as he is on screen.