Learn About the Amazing Actress Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton, born Diane Hall on January 5, 1946 in Los Angeles, California, USA, is an American film actress and director who rose to prominence in quirky comic roles before establishing herself as a dramatic actress.



Keaton studied acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York and Santa Ana College in California. In the mid-1960s, she appeared in summer stock, and in 1968, she understudied the lead in the Broadway rock musical Hair. She played the lead in Woody Allen’s Broadway play Play It Again, Sam (1969), which she reprised for the 1972 film adaptation. In Lovers and Other Strangers (1970), Keaton made her film debut as a young woman divorcing her husband because his hair no longer smelled like raisins, establishing a comic persona that would sustain her early career.

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In 1977, she stepped away from her comedic persona to star in the chilling Looking for Mr. Goodbar (1977), for which she received a Golden Globe nomination. It was the same year she gave what many consider to be her best performance, in Annie Hall (1977. She won the Oscar and the British Award for Best Actress, and Allen received the DGA Directors Award. With her unisex clothing, she started a fashion trend and became the poster girl for many young males. Her mannerisms and awkward speech became a national phenomenon. The question was, “Is she just a lightweight playing herself, or does she have more depth to her personality? When they split up, she became involved with Warren Beatty, and she played the bohemian female journalist Louise Bryant in his film Reds (1981). Her performance earned Oscar and Golden Globe nominations. Throughout the rest of the 1980s, she appeared in a few films but received nominations for three of them. In The Little Drummer Girl, she attempted to break free from her typecasting by playing a confused, somewhat naive woman who becomes involved with Middle Eastern terrorists (1984). Diane began directing to compensate for her lack of film work. She also directed the documentary Heaven (1987) and a few music videos. She directed an episode of the popular but strange Twin Peaks for television (1990).

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Among her other 1990s films are ‘Look Who’s Talking Now’ (1993), ‘The Only Thrill’ (1997), and ‘The Other Sister’ (1999). Among her television films are ‘The Running Mates’ (1992) and ‘Northern Lights’ (1997). Her portrayal of ‘Amelia Earhart’ in the television film ‘Amelia Earhart: The Final Flight’ (1994) earned her nominations for a ‘Golden Globe,’ a ‘Primetime Emmy,’ and a ‘Screen Actors Guild Award. ‘If I Get Out Alive,’ an hour-long documentary produced by ‘Lichtenstein Creative Media,’ was narrated by her in 1999. The program, which highlighted the difficulties faced by young inmates in the adult correctional system, was broadcast on public radio stations across the country. She directed and starred in the 2000 film ‘Hanging Up.’ She later received the ‘Modern Master Award’ at the 2001 Santa Barbara International Film Festival. She shot to fame after co-starring with Jack Nicholson in the 2003 hit romantic comedy film ‘Something’s Gotta Give,’ directed by Nancy Meyers. She received a ‘Golden Globe’ and a ‘Satellite Award,’ among other honors, for her performance. She was also nominated for several awards, including one at the ‘Academy Awards.’ ‘Town & Country’ (2001), ‘The Family Stone’ (2005), ‘Mama’s Boy’ (2007), ‘Morning Glory’ (2010), ‘And So It Goes’ (2014), and ‘Love the Coopers’ (2015). Along with her big-screen roles, she continued to appear in a number of television movies. Among her television movies from the 2000s are ‘Sister Mary Explains It All’ (2001), ‘Crossed Over’ (2002), and ‘Surrender, Dorothy’ (2006). In the 2016 television series ‘The Young Pope,’ she portrayed ‘Sister Mary.’ She also played ‘Jenny’ in the sequel to ‘Finding Nemo,’ ‘Finding Dory.’ She went on to act in movies like “Hampstead” in 2017, “Book Club” in 2018, and “Poms” (2019). She was cast in an important role in the romantic comedy film ‘Love, Weddings, and Other Disasters’ in 2019. She is a writer, photographer, and real estate developer in addition to being an actor. She is the author of several books, including ‘Then Again’ and ‘Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty.’ She has also edited several books, including ‘California Romantica,’ ‘House,’ and ‘Clown Paintings.’ ‘Reservations,’ her photography book, was published in 1980.

Personal Life of Diane Keaton

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Diane Keaton had several love affairs with celebrities in the film industry at the start of her career. Woody Allen, who was struck by Diane’s brilliant sense of humor, was one of her first lovers. Keaton and Allen had been living together for some time, but by the time their first film was released in 1972, their relationships had become purely professional. Allen is still one of the actress’s closest friends.

Diane carefully concealed her relationships with Warren Beatty, for which she was dubbed “the most reclusive star since Greta Garbo” in 1985. The relationships ended shortly after the completion of the film Reds. It is believed that the couple’s problems were caused not only by the complicated filming process, but also by numerous financial difficulties.

Keaton was also romantically involved with Al Pacino, her co-star in The Godfather trilogy. The lovers went through difficult breakups and reunions before finally breaking up after the release of The Godfather Part III (1990). It was rumored in the mid-2000s that Diane had dated Keanu Reeves for a while, with a colleague in the film Something’s Gotta Give who was 18 years her junior.

Diane Keaton is unmarried. The actress is unconcerned about this: “I don’t think my life is any worse because I don’t have a husband.”

Keaton has two adopted children: Dexter (adopted in 1996) and Duke (adopted in 2000). Diane decided to become a mother when she was nearly 50 years old. This was prompted by her father’s death, which she felt deeply. 

Diane Keaton is involved in historic building rescue and restoration campaigns in Los Angeles. In addition, Diane enjoys photography, works in luxury real estate (Madonna is one of her clients), and is the face of the L’Oréal cosmetic brand. Something Else, Keaton’s memoir, was published in November 2011.


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• She frequently dresses in white, covers her neck and is frequently seen wearing gloves.

• In 1995, ‘Empire’ magazine ranked her 46th on its list of the “100 Sexiest Stars in Film History.”

• She actively promotes the preservation and restoration of historic structures.

• She began contributing to ‘The Huffington Post’ as a blogger in 2005.

• She is the first female recipient of the ‘Golden Lion Award’ at the ‘Zürich Film Festival.’ She won the award in 2014.